Foot massage

Foot massage

General information

The main principle of reflex zone type massage is that the acupressure points located on our foot and mainly on our sole can be stimulated and the organs and body parts in relation to these acupressure points can also be influenced. Points, which are sensitive to pressure usually, refer to organ-related disorders.

There are thousands and thousands of end bulbs on our foot and sole. The entire body is reflected on these surfaces like a micro-map. The zones are located vertically (5 bands) and horizontally (3 bands).

As a result of damaging lifestyle and improper nourishment and due to the excreta accumulated in the body the metabolism of the cells and the operation of the organ systems and organs deteriorate and energy blockages occur.

In the reflex zone related to the given organ various nodes can be detected, which might be sensitive or even very painful. The aim of foot massage is to spread and eliminate these nodes by massaging them and to start up the self-healing processes of the body. Foot massage also stimulates and strengthens the immune system and resolves physical and mental stress.

Interesting facts

Foot massage, which is classified under the alternative massages, has been used in Asia for more than five thousand years. The reflex zone massage is aimed at primarily activating the self-healing power of the body, but it also has an invigorating and relaxing effect.