It means the manual pressurizing of the acupressure and acupuncture points. Also it involves the stimulation of these points with electricity or laser treatment.

According to a legend, many many years ago a Chinese farmer was suffering from continuous headache. While he was working on the fields he dropped the plough on his toe. It was painful for a while, but later he recognised that his headache had gone. When his headache came back the next day he consciously dropped the plough on his toe and as a result the headache had gone again. From this point on all villagers dropped something on their toe, when they had a headache.

According to traditional Chinese medicine the energies of our power flows through meridians. The body is healthy if the energies of the body (Jin and Jang – Earth and the cosmic energy) are in balance. If the body is not healthy this energy flow loses its balance. Pressurizing the Chinese acupuncture points improves the energy flow in the meridians and harmonises the operation of the organs of the body.The aim of the acupressure massage is to resolve the energy blockages occurring during illnesses. This Asian theory splits the human body to two times five layers. During the therapy certain points of these layers are stimulated by pressurizing and shorted out and thus it is possible to release tension from the various layers of the body. By pressurizing certain points headache, eye ache, nausea can be quickly eliminated. The technique can be easily learnt, it is import to learn where the treatment points are and how to treat them. Methods:

  • pressurizing
  • poking
  • pinching

Acupressure can be successfully used as a supplementary treatment for digestive system, locomotor disorders, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure related diseases, metabolism related disorders, respiratory disorders, malignant tumours, nervous system disorders, secretory system disorders and for strengthening the immune system.