Endless relaxing... - Come to Kehida, and we'll show you! You can spend very pleasant hours sitting in the outdoor thermal pool - even in winter...

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Where the “Wise man of the country” came to rest - As per anecdotes, Deák Ferenc used to have a rest here, at the well during his stay in Kehida

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Where are the hermits? - The church from the 10th century stands on an island called before Hermit Island. Once lived here anchorites, namely till the end of the 1700s

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Deák Kurie - The most famous monument in Kehida, built in the 1740s years, by the great-grandfather of Deák Ferenc

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General information


N: 46° 49’58,1″
E: 17° 6’25,6″

Telephone numbers:

Major Office
+36 83 534 003
+36 83 534 013


Anna Hertelendy

The lords of the small village Kehida – newly built in the 18th century – were the members of the Hertelendy family. Gábor Deák married Anna Hertelendy, who possessed a considerable fortune – so it came Kehida (and later on the Dominions of Söjtör and Szépkehida) in the possession of the Deak family. The marriage was not happy. The lovely and talented Anna Hertelendy began an affair with one of her relatives, Ferenc Uzovics, and fled with him. She took a child, the József (the brother of Ferenc Deák, father of the famous reformer, of the same name, Ferenc Deák). Anna communicated to her husband from Nitra that she would not return home. Therefore, the elderly  Deák Ferenc had to appear before the court – supposedly the marriage was dissolved by the Vatican. Also, the two sons had to appear quite often before the court – as Anna continues to have a dissolute life, her sons had to worry about the heritage.
Anna spent the last years of her life in the curia Kehida, where she prayed for hours in the chapel.

This village lies in the valley of the Zala. To be achieved on the main road Nr. 76, by Zalacsány. Today it is famous for its Health Resort and Family Spa – the excellent, sulfurous thermal water beautifies the skin and rheumatic ailments. It does not contain radon, also elderly people or children can enjoy the benefits of the water.

Kehidakustány termálfürdő

The history of the spa was similar than that of other thermal spas in the region. Here, however, one was looking for drinking water (not for oil) and finally broke thermal water on the surface.

When you visit Kehida, it is worth staying for several days, and to make a visit not only to the spa but to other places of interest. For example, to the church ruins from the 11th Century. The wooden benches and tables next to the ancient stones provide a pleasant place to picnic. But do not leave the insect repellent at home!