General information

Qi-gong is part of the Chinese meditation and breath therapy. It belongs to one of the most ancient elements of the Chinese Medicine. Its fundamental element is the consciousness breathing, which is combined with slow, focused movements. The technique is most effective if practiced continuously. It is recommended to everyone regardless of age and toughness.

The word qi means energy and gong means do something with high quality. So qi-gong is therefore the practice of energy with profession. Its exercises prolong the life-span, enhance the health, facilitate the blood flow, improve the soul and create harmony with the World and ourselves. For the acquirement and practice of qi-gong one requires good concentration skills because the unity of thought, mind and breath brings the energy into motion. Qi-gong helps to develop sensitivity to the energy (for example: vision of aura, telepathy, palm diagnosis). Beside their health, the one who learn it from a real Master and practice it persistently can live with their full physical, spiritual and intellectual potentials extension. During its history several branches have developed. There are Taoist, Buddhist qi-gongs, healing medical exercises, dynamic, static, meditation like and exhausting exercises and there are some that can connect to martial arts.

Interesting facts

Qi-gong, Csikung, Chi kung… The Chinese scripts have several transcripts in the western languages. In Hungarian, following the pronunciation, Csikung is used, while the international literature uses the other two versions: Qi-gong and Chi kung.