Paraffin treatment

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General information

Unfortunately nowadays we are exposed to various chemicals and environmental impacts. Mainly our hands suffer the most from these impacts. Paraffin treatment is recommended for the treatment of dry, chapped and stained hands.

The treatment starts with a hand wash, which is followed by rubbing. After the removal of the devitalised epidermic cells, the skin absorbs easier the lotion used during hand massage.

The next step is dipping the hands in warmed up paraffin, which sticks to the skin and the hands are covered in a plastic bag and gloves. Guest is relaxing for about 20 minutes in the wrap. After that the gloves together with the paraffin are removed. Finally the hands are covered in skin-protection lotion.

The treatment does not only treat the skin surface, but the active agents are also absorbed by deeper layers of the skin through the pores thus increasing blood circulation and oxygen supply of the tissues.

Interesting facts

The word paraffin comes from the composition of the Latin words of parum and affinis. Paraffin may be liquid, gas or solid. In clear format it is solid, odourless, colourless, white material with a waxy touch. Melting point is around 47 to 64 °C.