In our fast-paced world it is getting more and more important to perform well in every segment of our lives. In order to do so we have to leave the grey weekdays behind sometimes allowing us to recover again. The best place for recovery is in Heviz. On top of the curative treatments there are treatments available serving the recovery of the body and the soul. The wellness service providers of Heviz offer perfect opportunity for getting the knowledge about health in an attractive environment, due to the great projects including prevention and the protection of health. In the warm water of the Lake the muscles will relax, and the spirit will recover again.

Characteristics of the wellness way of life:
1. Health consciousness
2. Regular exercises
3. Healthy alimentation
4. Relaxation and stress management on a regular basis
5. Beauty care
6. Proper condition of body and soul
7. Environment consciousness
8. Giving up injurious passions

The following wellness hotels are there in the town:
Rogner Hotel & Spa Lotus Therme*****
Danubius Health Spa Resort Aqua****
Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz****
Hotel Europe fit****
Hotel Spa Heviz****
NaturMed Hotel Carbona*****
Palace Hotel Heviz ****
Spa & Wellness Hotel Fit****
Hotel Sante***
Hunguest Hotel Helios***
Hunguest Hotel Panorama***

If you choose the wellness way of life, your condition and endurance will improve, you can save your mental capacity and flexibility for a longer period of time, you will be more tolerant to stress, your spirit will be more flexible, the ageing process will be slower, you will become more balanced, and you can live a better life in harmony of the world and yourselves.

The wellness is an important part of prevention. The category of wellness includes alimentation, beauty care, exercises, the harmony of body and spirit.
Due to proper and healthy alimentation our body will be supplied with energy. The wellness cousin gives priority to the vegetarian meals, so we should eat vegetables and fruits as much as possible, and little fatty meals. When going for meat, select the meats and meat products with low cholesterol content. It is important to keep an eye on the amount of carbohydrate starch input. Make sure to have a lot of fibres in your diet supporting the digestion. Try to take low volume of sugar only, and select the natural ones (fruit-sugar for e.g.). The proper and diversified alimentation provides our body with each vitamin and mineral needed every day.
Healthy alimentation requires the sufficient water intake. Drink at least 1.5 – 2 litres of drinks (mainly mineral water) a day. If you take more, then your body starts detoxicating. When drinking fruit juices take care about the dilution, especially when selecting a 100% one, because one-two decilitres equal to a meal.

The active and the passive exercise are integral part of the wellness. Despite the busy days and the constant being in a hurry we should take the time for exercising. If we can include half an hour of exercise per day in our schedule, we already did something for our health. The best is to spend half an hour with exercises, 3 times a week and 2 times we should strengthen our muscles.
Make sure to choose a sport in accordance you’re your body-frame and durability, which we are enthusiastic about to do. We can do outdoor sports for example hiking, nordic walking, cycling, tennis, golf, riding a horse; or in water: aquajogging, aquafittness, swimming; or in a fitness center with the assistance of machines, or a personal trainer if needed. Passive exercises include those sports focusing on finding the harmony and balance of body and spirit instead of using power. The oriental exercise forms belong to this category, like yoga, thai-chi or qi gong.

Today’s popular category of wellness is a holistic attitude from America, which started in the 1980’s. The word originates from the words „well being”, and „wholeness”. This is a way of like focusing on the well being of the body, the soul and the spirit. The wellness is a holistic approach, therefore cares about human health as a whole and presumes that the person takes an active role in saving it, and in preventing the diseases.