Juli Apartman

8314 Vonyarcvashegy, Kossuth Lajos utca 5.
An apartment on the ground floor with seperated entrance is available for guests. It is located in the centre of Vonyarcvashegy, 700 meters from the Beach. It is a spacious apartment with 2 bedrooms, a big fully-equipped kitchen and one bathroom. It is a very comfortable accomodation for 4-6 people. There is a topped balcony as well where the guests can eat and socialize. In the garden you can find a slide, one swing and also our quite big pool is at your disposal. Free WiFi and safe parking place in the garden is provided. The apartment can be heated-up so it is rentable all year round.

Equipment of the room (Apartment)

Balcony, terraceBathroom with showerWiFi

General information

Possibility of cooking and baking HeatingOpen: Whole yearWI-FI, access of broadband internet

Payment facilities

Milleniumi Emlékmű 0,5 km Millennium Memorial The Memorial Park, renovated by the local government in 2009, is situated in Vonyarcvashegy that can be proud of its enormous green areas. Fénykereszt 0,6 km Cross of Light and Way of the Cross The Cross of Light and the Way of the Cross (both located on the small Golgotha of our settlement) were blessed by canon-deacon and parish priest of Pápa, Ferenc Salgó on July 18, 2010. Kitaibel Pál KIlátó 0,6 km Kitaibel Pál Lookout From the centre of Vonyarcvashegy the green triangle trail leads to the Iron Hill (Vashegy) where the renovated Kitaibel Lookout stands. 0,7 km Park of Balaton’s Fishermen After sunbathing and beach experiences You may choose quiet relaxation the ideal location of which is the Park of Balaton’s Fishermen. Fűz Kút 0,8 km Willow Well The settlements of Pannonia’s one-time main road are still the sources of countless historical findings. 0,9 km Festetics Helikon Taverna Museum (hu) From October 2013 you can visit the "Da Bibere" thematic wine-making and gastronomic exhibition in the Helikon Taverna. Helikon Taverna 0,9 km Festetics Helikon Taverna Museum The Helikon Taverna has become a popular touristic centre owing to its nice surroundings, as well as the flavours and excellent quality wines of Hungarian cuisine. Csónak Kikötő 0,9 km Boat Harbour The boat harbour next to Vonyarcvashegy’s lido is an ideal mooring place for anglers. Vashegyi Kápolna 1,0 km Chapel of Vashegy The chapel, well-known as the Chapel of Vashegy, was built in 1883 by utilising an earlier, probably baroque chapel. 1,6 km Cseri Gate The Keszthely Mountains provide a great number of tourist trails for the lovers of nature, a gate of which is a station of Vonyarc’s Cseri Forest, a forest cottage. Halász Emlékhely 1,8 km 40 Fishermen’s Memorial The legend of 40 fishermen of Balaton is connected with the Saint Michael Chapel built on the remnants of a mediaeval castle on the dolomite hill that offers an amusing panorama. Szent MIhály domb 1,8 km Saint Michael Hill The hill has already been populated in Roman times. It is possible that a watchtower stood on the hilltop that offers a fantastic view of the Keszthely Mountains and Balaton.