Waterski - the 40-metre-long waterski run is the only opportunity in the area for the lovers of this sport

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-great matches, sunshine, joy and fun. That’s more than enough to have a really good time..

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By car:

From Budapest on motorway M7 (to Balaton – south
shore of Balaton – Keszthely – Hévíz)

From Austria on main road 84 (Sopron – road 84 – Balatonederics –
Keszthely – Hévíz)

Special Information
Vonyarc’s symbol, the Saint Michael Hill (Szent Mihály-domb) that used to be a separate island, stands by the Balaton Bike Route. If You take a bicycle trip in the area, it is worth climbing the hill as well, since You will be rewarded with an unforgettable panorama.

Vonyarcvashegy is a popular resort village on the north shore of Lake Balaton, on the southern slopes of the Keszthely Mountains (Keszthelyi-hegység).

The settlement has more than 2000 inhabitants. Its streets climb from the beach of the Keszthely Bay (Keszthelyi-öböl) up to the top of the Keszthely Mountains where a spectacular panorama awaits the visitors.



The Lido of Vonyarc, mainly famous for its waterski run besides a great deal of concerts and programmes, is one of the most frequented beaches of the West Balaton region. The 140-metre-long waterski run is the only opportunity in the area for the lovers of this sport. Apart from that, the lido offers numerous services, sports and entertainment facilities (click here for more information).

Programmes, Facilities

The village offers a vast amount of opportunities for the lovers of sports and nature: cycling, hiking, waterskiing, bathing, surfing, boating, tennis, skittles, billiards, horse riding.

Wine Festival

There are many programmes in Vonyarc, however, the most significant one is the wine festival organised every summer.

While being entertained by folk dance performances and open-air concerts, You can taste outstanding wines of local and regional winegrowers, which truly proves that Vonyarc’s traditions of viticulture and viniculture are still maintained.

Pictures of Vonyarcvashegy