Lomi lomi nui

Lomi lomi nui

General information

The lomi lomi nui is a Polynesian massage technique that originates from the Hawaiian Islands. It is effective to deduce strain and stress. Indications of lomi massage are similar to the conventional massages: treatment of rheumatic joint problems, circulation disorders, enhancement of general state. Contraindications are also similar: high body temperature, infectious disease, severe joint diseases.

During lomi massage the energies are driven into the treated parts of the body and this helps to re-establish the physical-spiritual balance. With paying attention to the technique the massage is carried out with the intermittent pressure of the hand, forearm and elbow. Relaxation music, incents and scented candles help the relaxation of the patient. For the massage use of sufficient carry agents are necessary: aromatic oils and body lotions with different fragrant. Its technique differs from the western technique because sometimes it is not directed towards the heart. For the successfulness of lomi lomi nui proper breath technique is necessary.Duration of the massage can be 45 to 90 minutes but following to it is recommended to relax for 10 minutes. Lomi lomi nuit takes place in a pleasure temperature, breezy room, in silence and finished with a wash. It is most effective if practiced in course.

Interesting facts

In former times lomi lomi nui massage was accompanied with prayers, songs, rituals and could last several days. Before all their important life stages, events (ritual of becoming an adult) ancient Hawaiians seek out a therapist to relieve their strains and fears.