Gentle slopes, proud dolomite cliffs, rich-flavoured wines mellowed by the sun; and beaches with silky water and the spasstill keeping the warmth of long extinct volcanoes, underground canals where you can go boating, caves in which even the air has a healing power, moors rich in wildlife. All these natural treasures and beauties featuring hills, spas, moors and the ‘Hungarian Sea’ as the brightest colour of the palette belong to the West Balaton Region.




In what way could visitors coming to Keszthely be more warmly welcome than with this magic, versatile panorama of Balaton which Keszthely lives and breathe together with.



In the bathing resort of Hévíz the world’s largest thermal lake, which is suitable for bathing and a unique green environment are awaiting guests wishing to relax, heal and enjoy their holiday.



In our active and family friendly resort village we have plenty to offer for each and every age group and a wide range of facilities to enhance recreation and relaxation as well as for entertainment.



Vonyarcvashegy is a popular resort village on the north shore of Lake Balaton, on the southern slopes of the Keszthely Mountains (Keszthelyi-hegység).

The settlement has more than 2000 inhabitants. Its streets climb from the beach of the Keszthely Bay (Keszthelyi-öböl) up to the top of the Keszthely Mountains where a spectacular panorama awaits the visitors.



This “dream in reality” is located in one of the finest areas of the shore. Its magic is created by the always renewing and manifold beauty of the natural landscape, the untouched nature and the surrounding mountains.



“On the land of giants…” Although she is fast asleep with her smaller sisters, she still speaks out her power with her vast build and characteristic summit that forms a truncated cone. She appeals the eyes. Arriving and returning here is pleasure, leaving her is sorrow.