Aqua aerobic

Aqua aerobic


Aqua aerobic or aqua fitness means doing exercise in the water. It is mainly used for improving stamina, but it’s also suitable for the development of muscles and for stress-releasing purposes. Aqua aerobic is usually a group exercise, where a trainer presents the movements, many times with background music.

The exercises practiced in the water are identical to the exercises practiced on land, but the body is lighter in the water due to the raising force. Therefore aqua aerobic is recommended also for those, who are not advised to do exercises on land. As these exercises do not strain the joints due to the resistance of the water, aqua aerobic is also suitable for strengthening the muscles. It has a positive impact on the metabolism, fat burning can be increased and it also stimulates the heart and cardiovascular system. Furthermore water is a great body-shaping substance. Anyone can practice aqua aerobics, independently from age, sex or health condition. It is even recommended during pregnancy or for the elder generations.

Interesting facts

Underwater therapeutic exercise shall also be mentioned. The aim of this exercise is identical to the aim of therapeutic exercise, but it’s a lot gentler as the movements under water relieve the strain from the joints due to the buoyant force of the water. Besides all the above water gives a pleasant massage to the muscles and tissues located under the skin.