Anti cellulite therapy

Anti cellulite therapy


The aim of the anti cellulite therapy is to get rid of or to reduce orange skin. There are various methods for eliminating cellulite.

Interestin facts During prevention and treatment it is very helpful to detoxicate the body by drinking of plenty of fluids, to avoid fatty food, sweets and excessive alcohol consumption.

Most people, but mainly women fight a grim battle with cellulite. Cellulite or orange skin develops at the bottom of the skin and in the true derm. It can also develop at young age, not only in the buttock and thigh areas but also on the belly and hands due to extreme depositing of the fatty tissue. Due to the toxic substances deposited in the fatty tissue the adipose cells increase in size and as a result blood supply and lymphoid circulation deteriorates. But the reasons for orange skin may be the followings: genes, not sufficient amount of fluid consumption, metabolism and hormone disorder, external impacts, not enough exercise and improper nutrition.

Cellulite massage and physical exercise

During the lymphoid and blood circulation stimulating manual massagethe toxic substance extraction in the cellulite areas is increased and the stagnant tissue fluids are emptied. Physical exercise helps to break down fat storages and strengthens the muscles in the affected areas.

Body wrapping

The affected areas are covered with a lotion containing fat burner active agents. The body is than wrapped in a special foil. The treated person spends approximately 35 to 40 minutes in the wrap. As a result of the treatment the skin becomes taut and orange skin symptoms are mitigated. Usually 15 treatments are recommended during one body wrapping therapy.

Body shaping lotions/gels

Nowadays shops are offering various body shaping beauty care products with promises of taut and smooth skin after treatment.