Frigadarium – which is a Latin word- means one of the traditional Roman bathing premises. On the contrary to other bathing premises the air of the Frigadarium is cold. It can also be associated with dipping in cold water or might refer to cold shower.

Frigidarium is used as a revitalizing place after a longer stay in the warm and hot bathing premises. Medically the transition from hot, warm premises to cold areas plays an extremely important role. The main role of the Frigadarium is to close the skin pores and to stop the sweating of the body. As a result heart beat increases, blood circulation is exhilarated and the entire body is rejuvenated.

Interesting facts

In the old Roman baths Frigadarium was accessible from the changing rooms. Bathers were preparing their bodies here for the warmer premises and after steam bathing these premises were used as relaxing areas. The walls of the Frigadarium are covered with marble or tiles.