General information

The traditional Fango body treatment takes place in 4 steps:

  • mudpack
  • thermalbath
  • sweating
  • and finally a massage.

Interesting facts

The person carrying out the Fango treatment is called a fangino. A town located in Northern-Italy is famous for Fango treatments, where local residents have been using the healing power of the Fango mud for over 2500 years ago.

Fango is a word with Italian origin and it means odourless and hot mineral mud from volcanic earth. The mud is directly exposed to thermal water, sunshine and air. A so-called “maturing” period is required (which might take up to six months), and during this period Fango slowly fills up with organic substance and “mature Fango” is created. This way Fango becomes suitable for medicinal purposes. The hot mud pack inhibits inflammations, activates the metabolism, stimulates the immune system and helps to prevent the development of illnesses. During Fango body treatment the hot Fango substance is poured on a plastic foil in a thickness of approximately 2 cm and it is left to cool down to 40 – 50 °C. The guest lays down on the Fango and his/her back is also covered with the material and guest shall spend 20 minutes in the sweating cocoon. The body is wrapped up in hot Fango pack, which results in faster blood circulation and the expansion of the blood vessels. Algae particles of Fango stimulate endorphin hormone production and thus mitigate the pain. Besides the extremely positive impacts of Fango therapy, it is important to note that Fango treatments cause intensive hot sensation, therefore application is not recommended for guests suffering from the below-listed conditions: varicose vein, high blood pressure, blood vessel condition, heart diseases, malignant tumours and acute inflammation. As Fango therapy extremely overstrains the body, it is recommended applying the therapy only once or twice a year. Medical consultation is recommended prior applying the treatment. During a therapy 12 to 15 treatments are recommended.