Body treatments, other wellness treatments

Body treatments, other wellness treatments

General information

Wellness treatments also include various treatments besides massages and sauna baths.

Interesting facts

You can also create an environment for relaxation in your very own home, if you do not prefer enjoying the wellness services offered in hotels. Place a few candles in the bathroom, use a few drops of honey, milk or essential oil for the bathwater and put on some nice music and you will feel, as if you were staying in a five-star hotel.

Beauty-care is closely associated with wellness. Traditions and customs of beauty-care are as old as human history. Traditions and requirements of beauty-care have always changed according to historic changes. Nowadays we are reaching back to natural, organic cosmetics. Also oriental, exotic philosophies have a significant influence on the beauty industry. Currently it is also popular to use electricity for various beauty treatments.

It is important to note that enjoying a „wellness” lifestyle does not necessary mean a passive activity, but we also need to do physical exercise some time or other. Fans of less straining physical exercise surely will try and enjoy aqua aerobic or stretching. Both exercises treat the joints gently and develop muscles while feeling great.

For pampering our skin and body we would recommend trying mud treatments or treatments, packs or therapies combined with mud. Mud packs not only improve our looks, but due to their effective substance content they also have a medicinal effect. It is beneficial for the joints, stimulates the blood circulation and gives a silky feel to the skin. You will not be disappointed if you try a mud pack, Fango treatment, paraffin treatment or Thalasso therapy.

The concept of bathing is also closely related to wellness. Hot water or milk are the most important ingredients for this, as in the Jacuzzi bath the upwelling water gently massages our body and taking a dip in the Cleopatra bath will turn our skin silky smooth and tense.