Balaton apartmenthouse

8315 Gyenesdiás, Jókai köz 9.

Welcome to our apartmenthouse!

Our family-run modern apartmenthouse is situated in Gyenesdiás, in peaceful atmosphere. We offer 4 apartments for 4-5 person and 4 nice double rooms. All the apartments have terrace. In the garden: large sunbathing lawn, garden furniture, sun loungers and BBQ area. .
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General information

AccessibleHeatingGrill, possibility of fireplaceKutyákat fogadOwn garden, yardWI-FI, access of broadband internet

Sport, movement

Table tennisBicycle rental

Baby friendly services

Babaszék, etetőszék


Without meals

Payment facilities

CashCash: Euro (€)SZÉP card

Equipment of the room (Apartment)

Satellite / cable TV


Parking in closed yard

0,2 km Historical Avar exhibition (hu) A páratlanul gazdag, tárlókban elhelyezésre kerülő leletanyag érdekes bepillantást enged a honfoglalás előtti időkbe. Gyenesi Szent Ilona kápolna 0,3 km Saint Helen’s Church of Gyenes In 1807 the inhabitants of the vineyard of Gyenes, which used to belong to the town of Keszthely at the time decided to build a chapel to worship God. Kerámiaház 0,5 km Pottery house The nearly 160 year old mud-walled and reed-roofed house was restored in 1992. 0,7 km The Darnay. Cellar, event barn and picnic garden Cool down in the beautiful garden of the ancient Darnay cellar, taste fruity wines and delicious meals. Diási Havas Boldogasszony Kápolna 0,8 km The Blessed Virgin’s Church of Diás The chapel was built in 1894 and was consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Vadlánlik 0,9 km Vadlánlik-cave The cave, which is as large as a room has been carved out by the wind. It is a rare natural phenomenon, which the locals simply refer to as “Vadlánlik”. Fénykereszt Gyenesdiás 1,1 km Light Cross (hu) A települést szimbólikusan védő kereszt kellemes erdei sétával megközelíthető, és gyönyörű panorámával kecsegteti a kirándulókat. Antikkályha magángyűjtemény 1,1 km Antique Ovens - Private Collection The collection of 400 cast iron ovens, which is completely unique in the country, has been renovated based on original catalogues by the passionate collector, Vaszkó Emő herself. 1,1 km Nature's House visitor centre (hu) Keszthelyi-hegység élővilága állandó kiállítás, tematikus programok, túrák, előadások Kőbánya 1,1 km Stone quarry The former stone quarry is a fascinating, huge crater today which captivates all passers by. 1,2 km Market Square Gyenesdiás Come and take a stroll through the market, and you will spend a great time there. 1,5 km Statue of Virgin Mary Great view from the hill. 1,6 km The Festetics Look-Out Tower The 235 m high look-out tower which was named after the Festetics family was rebuilt in the year 2000, which is easily accessible on the tourist path starting from the Big Meadow. Nagymező 1,6 km The Big Meadow The western gate of the Balaton Highlands National Park is a popular center for outings, called the Big Meadow (in Hungarian “Nagymező”).