The Big Meadow

The Big Meadow

General Information: The Big Meadow is the starting point as well as a junction of the tourist pathways of the Keszthely-hills. It is situated on the blue pathway and it is the starting point of the red, yellow+ as well as the Darnay-Dornyai look-out pathways.

The Big Meadow is the most popular center for trips and outings in the forests of the Keszthely-hills, which gives home to several events and programs.
Gyenesdiás is a settlement which lies not only by the Lake Balaton but which is also embraced by the Keszthely-hills. Therefore it is not just the lake that offers various programs but the mountains, hills, clearings, and springs as well. The western gate of the Balaton Highlands National Park is a popular center for outings, called the Big Meadow (in Hungarian “Nagymező”). It is the lowest part of the area and lies just 180 m above sea level.
The Big Meadow gives home to both smaller and larger events, of which the most significant is the Budding Spring Festival organized in the end of April. It is excellent for organizing school, company, and family programs or gatherings as well.
It is possible to make a camp fire on this forest clearing, while benches, tables, a rain shed, a sports field and a playground await those longing for nature as well. You can walk up the tourist path to the Festetics Look-Out Tower, visit the abandoned stone quarry, which is a fantastic sight today, discover the so-called Vadlánlik, a cave that is the size of a room created entirely by the wind, or go through the 16 stations of the 1300 m long forest gymnastic track, where you can test your physical abilities.
This is where the most significant tourist paths of the Keszthely-hills start, end, or come together.

Interesting Facts:
Who is the fittest in the family? This can easily be figured out with the help of the gymnastic track starting from the Big Meadow. The 1300 m long gymnastic track, with its 16 stations, can provide a real physical challenge for the whole family.Search for our advantage card!

Don’t forget to ask for the Gyenesdiás Advantage Card at your accommodation during your holiday by the Lake Balaton.  The Advantage Card is valid one week long and it is available at every accommodation that is a partner of the Gyenesdiás Association for Tourism. The card owner can visit the beaches of the settlement for free and take advantage of the services offered by the partners accepting the card at a reduced price. Among the partners you will find restaurants, programs, sights, and spas just to mention a few.

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