The Big Meadow - The Keszthely-hills offer excellent outdoor adventures for hikers while the Big Meadow is a remarkable place for planning pleasant family picnics or doing some exercise on our 16 station-long gymnastics track…

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Constantly available programs - We have many set programs to offer from early spring to late autumn, from which you can choose whatever you prefer: pottery making, shooting, sailing, visiting an animal farm...

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Spielstrand in Diás - We await our young as well as our senior guests on both of our family friendly beaches with various activities and entertainment programs.

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Events - Gyenesdiás has got many traditional events month by month, like gastronomic festivals, folklore programs, sport championships, cultural- and family-programs – those interested are welcome to search for further details

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The Festetics Look-Out Tower

The Festetics Look-Out Tower

General Information: The look-out tower is accessible on foot from the Hunyadi street, or by car until the Big Meadow then on foot.
Search for our advantage card!

Don’t forget to ask for the Advantage Card at your accommodation during your holiday by the Lake Balaton.  The Advantage Card is valid one week long and it is available at every accommodation that is a partner of the Gyenesdiás Association for Tourism. The card owner can visit the beaches of the settlement for free and take advantage of the services offered by the partners accepting the card at a reduced price. Among the partners you will find restaurants, programs, sights, and spas just to mention a few.

Interesting facts:
The look-out tower offers one of the most beautiful panoramas on the Keszthely-hills in the region.

A hike or nice walk to the Festetics Look-Out Tower. Don’t miss out on it. It is worth the fantastic view.
The 3 storey Festetics Look-Out Tower offers a beautiful view on the Keszthely bay as well as the gently sloping valleys of the Keszthely-hills. The 235 m high look-out tower which was named after the Festetics family was rebuilt in the year 2000, which is easily accessible on the tourist path starting from the Big Meadow.
The Big Meadow offers outstanding facilities for organizing outdoor family events, gatherings or school and company programs but it is also suitable for larger events: nice facilities for frying bacon by the camp fire, cooking a gulash soup in a kettle, enjoying the playground with the wire-rope slide and the forest gymnastic track, which is an excellent place for testing one’s endurance, or organize a match on the football field. The Big Meadow is also from where many of the tourist pathways start out in the Keszthely-hills.

Pictures of the Festetics-look-out-tower