Pottery House and Miska Cottage

Pottery house

General information:

Would you like to try out pottery? Look for Pék Family in Gyenesdiás. Address: 103 Kossuth Lajos St, Gyenesdiás Tel.: (+36) 31/781-9276; (+36) 31/782-5109 (registration)

Have you ever wondered how pottery is made? Would you like to try it out? Stop by, get some clay.

Take part in one of the most popular activities and family-friendly programmes of Gyenesdiás. Come and watch the potter while he is working. If you feel like it, you can even try the potter’s wheel at the J&A Potteryhouse. Only in low-season by prior appointment!

The owners expect the visitors with a wide range of beautiful, handmade ceramic utensils and decoration articles from the main pottery regions of Hungary.

The nearly 160-year-old mud-walled and reed-roofed house was restored in 1992. The house is an example of the typical folk architecture of the Balaton region. It is still in use as a residence and shop. The owners expect the guest with utensils and decoration articles made of ceramic. The latest dream of the Pék family came true when they finished their new building, the Miska Cottage. The building is home to a special collection and an old wine press, into which the master engraved the year 1851 at the time.

Address: 103 Kossuth L. St, Gyenesdiás
Phone: (+36) 31/782-5109
Open: Mon to Sun: 10 am – 6 pm