Saint Helen’s Church of Gyenes

Saint Helen’s Church of Gyenes

Saint Helen’s Church of Gyenes

General Information: Masses are held every Sunday at 10 o’clock.
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Interesting Facts:
It is the only Saint Ilona church in Hungary.

In 1807 the inhabitants of the vineyard of Gyenes, which used to belong to the town of Keszthely at the time decided to build a chapel to worship God. This was the time, when the ruins of the Saint Elisabeth Church were torn down. The current landowner, Count György Festetics; however, did not approve of the construction works, so the citizens of the village sold the stones and made a deposit of the sum at an interest. After the death of the count they turned to his son, László Festetics, who not only allowed the chapel to be built but supported the works by providing building material and a suitable area for it.
The furnishing and religious artifacts were prepared by the wife of the count, Ilona. The church was finished in one and a half years in a classicist style. To commemorate the daughter of the count, Ilona it was consecrated in 1826 as Saint Ilona church.
Its chancel with a Romanasque arch is as wide as the nave. There is a small tower and a tympanum above the entrance bordered by two pillars. The cross was placed on the tower a year after it was consecrated.

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