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General Information: Under cave we understand a naturally formed hollow, which is larger than 2 meters and which is accessible for humans in the solid earth crust (Wikipedia). This definition is true of the Vadlánlik, thus as surprising as it may be it deserves to be called a cave due to its size.
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Interesting Facts: The Vadlány-lik cave (as the locals call it: Vadlánlik) treasures the memory of a girl who ran away because of unrequited love.

The cave of the Keszthely-hills, which is called the Vadlánlik, is a favoured destination for hikes as well as shorter walks.
The cave, which is as large as a room has been carved out by the wind. It is a rare natural phenomenon, which the locals simply refer to as “Vadlánlik”. The cave is a stone niche, which was created by wind erosion and later enlarged artificially by men. In the early 1900s it was probably used as a secret schnapps distillery.
The slopes of the Horse Hills (in Hungarian “Ló-hegycsoport), in the side of which the cave lies is covered with an 80 years old Austrian pine wood.
You can visit the stone quarry and explore the Big Meadow and the Festetics Look-Out Tower as well, as an additional treat.

Pictures about the Vadlánlik-cave


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