Rezi vár

The village of Rezi lies in the west part of Keszthely mountains, at the edge of Balaton highland National Park, in the area of Keszthely, Hévíz andZalaszántó. It has got a population of 1172 people. Wine-growing
has a century-old tradition. The quality of the wine produced here is determined by the fact that this area belongs to Balaton high-land. It is an ideal place for hiking or riding tours. The grapes called riesling are characteristic of the region. After a noisy day by
lake Balaton you will certainly enjoy the silence at night, the fresh, clean air of the forests and drinking wine in the cool cellars of the mountains. A really special programme is the grape harvest, which lasts form mid-September to the end of October. A similar curios-
ity is the pig-killing season from November to February. The history of Rezi: The fortress was mentioned as royal fortress already im 1333. It had an important defensive role. The settlement is much older than the fortress, as we have data of the village of Rezi
– where the people of the royal fortress of Zala lived from the year of 1236. The village was first mentioned separately in 1613. It began to develop form 1750 and its population increased significantly from
that time. The inhabitants lived off farming, livestock raising and wine-growing. The villagescape was determined by adobe houses with thatched roofs before 1945, nowadays the houses are built of bricks.
From the 1960-s the village became interesting due to a special trade. Based on the local sandstone significant stone industry began to develop, which provided a living for the stonecutters of the village for a century and made the settlement well-known in
the area and in other parts of the country. The offers of the village: wine cellars, fortress, hiking routes, walking routes.