Lake Balaton


General Information

Lenght: 79 km
Breadth: 1.3-14 km
Area: 594 km²
Average depth: 3.0–3.6 m

A region of varietiesGentle slopes, proud dolomite cliffs, rich-flavoured wines mellowed by the sun, and beaches with silky water and the spas still keeping the warmth of long extinct volcanoes, underground canals where you can go boating, caves in which ever the air has a healing power, moors rich in wildlife. All these natural treasures and beauties featuring hills, spas, moors and the ‘Hungarian Sea’ as the brightest colour of the palette belong to the West Balaton Region.

Memories of aristocratic luxuries – the bathing traditions of the Balaton and the nearby medicinal spa, unmatched natural attractions. In this Mediterranean corner of Hungary, lovers of water and the Sun will find whatever they fancy. Any settlement in the west Balaton region will offer ideal venues for family holiday. The velvet-soft water, the sand pits, playgrounds, the paddle pools and lots of animation programmes offer cloudless, carefree pastimes. You can make a perfect beach lunch of ‘langos’ (a big ol’disc of churro-like fried dough smothered with sour cream and sprinkled with shredded cheese) or briem dipped in a mixture of red paprika and flour, then fried in deep fat to be followed by a dessert of ice-cream. In the buffets they offer beers and Balaton upland wines. Swimming and marinating in the water all they long, possessed and caressed by the tastes, the sunshine filtered by the leaves of the willow trees on the beach, the heavy smell of the summer, water and wind, we feel the rolling pulsation of the water even long after we go to bed.