GPS: 46.580862,17.200438

Opening hours

1 May – 31 Aug: 9 am. – 7 pm.
1 Sept – 31 Oct: 9 am. – 5 pm.
1 Nov – 31 March: 9 am. – 4 pm.
1 Apr – 30 Apr: 9 am. – 5 pm.
Open also on holidays and festive days!

Entrance fees

Adults: 700 HUF
Discounted: 600 HUF
Children (between 3-14 years): 400 HUF
Tax and accident insurance are included in the prices.
Information: +36 87 555-291

Buffalo Reservation of Kápolnapuszta

The Buffalo Reservation of Kápolnapuszta plays an important role in survival and genetic conservation of a native Hungarian buffalo. It’s a popular tourist attraction as well. A small exhibition displays the wildlife of the Small Balaton area and another one explains the history of buffalos. There is a walking path with playful elements, resting places and viewpoints with binoculars at visitors’ disposal. Prospects, books, souvenirs and refreshments as well as beef sausage made from buffalo and Hungarian Gray are available in the visitor’s centre.
The entrance ticket of the Reservation is valid for the petting zoo as well. Dogs are allowed only on leash and on the walking path!