Parti Csárda

Filled fish soup, fish and Hungarian dishes, restaurant for 60 people, terrace for 50 people!

Cappuccino Ice Cream

Divine flavors, dazzling colors and a funnel of smiles! This is what our family ice cream parlor, the Cappuccino Ice Cream Parlor in Balatongyörök, offers you. We welcome all ice cream lovers from spring to autumn.


Monday-Sunday: 12.00 am. -19.00 pm

Friends Bistro

Wholeheartedly prepared delicious summer meals and refreshing drinks await you in Friends Bistro.

Friends Bistro is a family-run restaurant. Our family launched the enterprise after a lot of ‘we should do something together’, ‘together we are good’, ‘spending this day together was amazing, again’.

Our common aim is clear: we want to run a place on this beautiful beach, where everybody gets what they want: either they are young, old, choosy, big eaters, vegetarian, meat-lovers or thirsty.

We use our home-built oven, and we offer pizzas, sausages, grilled knuckles, chicken and pork steaks, soups, noodles, salads, as well as Hungarian, traditional meals in our daily menus.

You will be served with cup creams, soft and fizzy drinks, home-made syrups, wines and spirits. Our barista prepares your coffee with well-chosen ingredients from the surrounding roasting plant.

We hope that our intentions to make something good, will hit the target, and our guests will enjoy our hospitality!

We warmly welcome you in Friends Bistro.

Friends Bistro Team

Anita Restaurant

Delicious daily menus and à la carte meals.


In Balatongyörök, on the beach, in a pleasant environment, a bistro-style restaurant with super foods and drinks.