Shopping Day at the Market

The customer community would like to invite every customer who is aware of the value and prefers the local, fine and healthy for a new program series every last Friday of the month.

The customer community was created by the „Hévíz-Balaton-Zalai Dombhátak” LEADER Association to encourage the people to buy from the local producers, to increase the consumption of the locally produced food in the surroundings of Hévíz and Keszthely, and through this to indirectly stimulate the local production and strengthen the local economy.

The program series called „Shopping Day” will be organized on the last Friday of every month at the Market in Gyenesdiás. Here those who are interested can become acquainted with the local manufacturers and could taste and buy their local, controlled and healthy products.

The product range and the programs change thematically, because „The local product has always its season!”

27th May Shopping Day at the Market
24th June Shopping Day at the Market
29th July Shopping Day at the Market
26th August Shopping Day at the Market
30th September Shopping Day at the Market
28th October Shopping Day at the Market
25th November Shopping Day at the Market
30th December Shopping Day at the Market