Spirit of Balaton – 24-hour bicycle tour around the Balaton

Date: 1st. July 2017. 8:00
Location: Balaton bicycle road

An unforgettable 24-hour bicycle tour around Central Europe’s largest lake

Spirit of Balaton is a bicycle tour around Lake Balaton, the largest lake of Central Europe – just for fun and takes place on the first Saturday of July in every year. Starting from the centre of Balatonmáriafürdő the participants cycle towards the nord coast of Balaton, continuing their ride along the nord coast which after they get around the lake and cycle along the south coast until they reach Balatonmáriafürdő, the starting point again. The total distance is approximately 220 km (it can be shortened by 70 km using the ferry at Tihany) which has to be done within 24 hours.

This special event is everyone recommended who is keen of cycling – independent of age and gender! This year the official start of Spirit of Balaton will be at 8 a.m. in the morning on the 1st. July 2017. Stamp stations will be put up along the Balaton cycle route where the participants can collect the stamps of each village the tour crosses. The stamp collecting booklets can be downloaded and printed free from our homepage. Participants of Spirit of Balaton may start their tour at any time and not only in Balatonmáriafürdő but in every village which runs a stamp station on this occasion. Even the distance of the tour is totally variable: depending on condition it can also be accomplished between only two or as many stations as you want. During the tour the paticipants use the official cycle route arond the Balaton which is safe and and well-signed. Participation is free of charge and not bound to any previous registration.
Please find further information and photos of the stamp stations and the event self taken respectively on the homepage of the event (www.spiritofbalaton.hu).

Further information is available in English or German direct at the organizers under the following e-mail: spiritofbalaton@gmail.com.

Do you want to cycle alone or as a member of a team or with the family? For the whole distance or just a couple of kilometres? No matter! You are right at Spirit of Balaton and welcome among the most venturesomes!