Lake Balaton Minor round tour from Keszthely


Hobby tour, moderate, 66 km long
Those attractions that can be visited freely without expert guidance are accessible on two wheels from Keszthely or Hévíz. On the way we pass peaceful villages and nature reserves before arriving to the dam by the river Zala where an unforgettable experience awaits us. There are several bird watch places to observe the numerous bird species. Once there, do not forget about the largest buffalo mass of Hungary. Among the natural values we can have a look at the historical and ethnographical traditions of the region as well.

Highlights on the way:

1. Bird ringing station, Keszthely-Fenékpuszta
2. ’Talpas’ (country) House, Fire house, Vörs
3. Buffalo reservation, Kápolnapuszta
4. Trail of the Kányavár Island
5. Bird watch and lookout tower
6. Small Balaton House, Zalavár 
7. Ruins of Récéskút basilica, Zalavár – The remains of an early Slavic church was found under the ruins of the 9th century basilica. It is situated close to the Small Balaton House and can be reached from the road which connects Zalavár and Zalaszabar.
8. Festetics Bath, Hévíz


Fotos of the tour