Tour of the Keszthely Hills


Sport tour, difficult, 47 km long
The assigned tours in the Keszthely Hills show the diverse and beautiful landscape of the Hills. The tour of the Keszthely Hills requires more intense preparation, but more diverse cultural and natural treasures can be discovered on the way. The „Bakonyerdő” tour can be chosen by families, too. The resting-places and look-out towers as well as the forest trails free of traffic are a real refreshment for body and soul. Rolling down from the Bél Mátyás look-out tower we can continue the tour on the waterfront.

Highlights on the way:

1. Festetics Palace
2. Castle of Rezi
3. Buddhist stupa, Zalaszántó
4. Basalt corridor, Vindornyaszőlős – The 200 m long basalt corridor of the ’Kovácsi’ Hill is a unique geological phenomenon in which dwellings-like caves and rifts.
5. ’Vindornya’ marshland – The major part of the peat bog is a nature reserve. The ’Vidra’ (otter) trail runs through it. Along the trail there is a lookout tower as well.
6. Hévíz Bath


Fotos of the tour