Zena-Dental Clinic

Zena Dental Clinic

Our dental clinic equipped with the latest technology available today awaits you on Zena’s first floor. Our team comprising the specialist of each dental field ensures inter¬national-level special care to foreign and local patients alike.

WHAT WE OFFER:: the latest treatment materials and procedures, computer-based denture planning and making, pain-free interventions in anaesthesia and special attention to each patient. All this at affordable price.

In the last decade the dental care has developed a lot – partly due to the needs of the foreign patients. You can benefit from this world-level quality here in Hévíz, in our four-chair dental office.

Our mission statement is that we not only care about teeth, but also give self-confidence to you, so that you can have a big smile.

● Implantation with world brands:Nobel Biocare, Ankylos
● Denture planning on three-dimension computer base and manufacturing with bio-compatible, metal-free materials
● Favourable-priced hygiene basic package, mouth hygiene treatment and professional cleaning, whitening (Scale and polish)
● Operations in entire anaesthesia and wakeful sedation
● Aesthetic fillings, porcelain veneers
● Root canal treatment and filling
● Special gum diseases, surgery
● Pain-free dental surgery: tooth removal, removal of roots, removal of wisdom tooth.

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More information:
H–8380 Hévíz Széchenyi u. 6.
E-mail: zena@zenabeauty.hu
Telefon: +36 83 542 300
Fax: +36 83 542 309