Exhibitions in the Museum Collection

Regular and temporary exhibitions

Regular exhibition
The World’s Unique – Balneology and local history exhibition
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9am -5pm

Temporary exhibitions
The temporary exhibitions can be visited the day after the opening ceremony!

23rd October – 6th January, 2017
‘Our way until 23rd October 1956’
The exhibition presents the period, which led to the outbreak of the
revolution. The age in which a nation after a lost war lived through
a dictatorship, humiliation, physical and mental anguish.

Chambers Gallery
Women’s Handbags exhibition

On Tuesdays
Lecture series and discussions about 1956 in the Metropolitan Museum
Events of 1956 in Hévíz – Dr. Endre Szántó’s lecture, The situation of the Church in the fifties
– conversation with Mr. László Kiss (dean)
Blossom of the linden tree – writer József H. Bodo’s lecture evening. Movie screenings combined with discussions

II. room
23rd October – 22nd November

1956 – Creators’ Contest in memory of 56
exhibition of the works received

27th November – 6th January 2017

The exhibition will focus on the Christmas
holiday and show the saints associated with it.
Museum Collection

Regular exhibitions outdoor locations
Millenniums of Hévíz exhibition
Place: Hévíz, Egregy district
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10am -4pm

Dr. Moll Károly memorial room of medical history
Place: Department ‘B’, Saint Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases
Opening hours: same as the reception’s
Egregy Museum
Millenniums of Hévíz exhibition
Place: Hévíz, Egregy district
Opening hours: Mon.-Sat.: 9 am-4 pm

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