Star Castle – Balatonszentgyörgy

Csillagvár - Balatonszentgyörgy

General Information:

Tel: +36 30/59-33-855
Balatonszentgyörgy, Írtás Dülő út
1th April – 31th August every day: 10.00 – 18.00
1th September – 31th October every day: 10.00 – 17.00
1th November 31th March closed
Children 500 Ft, Adult 600 Ft

The hunting castle of the counts from the Festetics family is located in the western corner of Lake Balaton, on the wooded hill-sides above the lake. The star-shaped fortress can be found in the forest of Balatonszentgyörgy lying on a one and a half hectare area. The star-shaped castle is considered to be unique in the world. At present, it gives home to a museum and it is also a beloved place of excursion.
In the central section of the roofed castle we can find a more than thirty meter deep well, the captain’s and the guards’ room, a smoky kitchen etc. The Border Castle Waxworks have been placed here representing the life of border fortresses in a genuine way. Here visitors can follow the events of one day from the past. (The commander debating with the village parson, feasting soldiers, women being busy in the kitchen etc.) In the Greek cross planned casemates (cellarage) the unique Hussar Museum has been placed. One hundred and fifty hussar figures are displayed to give us a picture about the nicely decorated uniforms of our former light cavalry. The hussar figures are eighty centimetres tall. We can also take a look at of the Hun and Hungarian warriors and medieval noblemen put into a chronological order. The exhibition is closed by soldiers who took part in the First World War.
In the picturesque natural endowment the visitor can choose from a variety of programmes: traditional folk craft shows, concerts and on the stage of the open-air theatre the “Star- fortress Evenings” are held.” Besides the castle, there is a place for stroking indigenous Hungarian animals and a playground. You can also try our traditional archery programme.
Horse-drawn carriage
To have a pleasant ride in the forest offers a remarkable experience to the whole family. The beauty of the forest around the castle gives a fascinating and intimate sensation.
Adults and children alike can live through the experience of riding, there is an occasion arise to become fond of horses for a whole life time.
Children’s Zoo
In a rustic environment there live indigenous Hungarian and alien species as well at us. You can feed and stroke the goats, racka and Merino sheep, Hungarian breed poultry, rabbits and Hungarian Simmental cows… You can observe the everyday life of Bodza, the raccoon in his own small fortress.
Archery, Throwing stars
You can practise and learn the usage of our ancestors’ weapons with traditional Hungarian bows and feathery rods made of wood on the archery field.
Falconry show
You can take part in a spectacular flying show of performing predatory birds where, as a privileged observer, you can admire or touch them or take a photo of/with them.
We can provide You with a place, wood and even the ingredients for having a perfect
bacon frying, which brings the family together but besides this, there is also
a chance for cooking in a stew-pot on the open fire or for grilling on a plate.
Children can have fun with playground facilities made of wood all day. Jungle gyms, swings and see-saws etc. await them.