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8380 Hévíz, Jókai Mór utca 3.
Share the joy of wellness with your family and friends in Hévíz, Hotel Európa fit****superior!  In our exclusive four star spa and wellness hotel – which is located in a green area of Hévíz, in the heart of a peaceful oasis only 400 m away from the lake - the friendliness and flexibility of our English speaking staff and the various range of wellness-, and beauty offers gives you the feeling of being cared for. Adventure-bath,whirlpool, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sau¬nas, steam-bath, infra-room, tepicaldarium, frigidarium and solarium  make your stay unforgettable. VITALIUM MEDICAL WELLNESS CENTRE: The combination of classic health cure with modern medical wellness. The successful and popular medical wellness cures had to be placed in a new environment, and they have to be extended with modern and pampering treatments and open up towards the alternative medicine as well. This concept has come to life under the name VITALIUM, which is extended apart from the above described with consultation, which is focused entirely on the individual, should it be medical exercises, a sport trainer or a dietetician. It has long been known that it is possible to heal through colours. Our VITALIUM places our guests in the appropriated environment with the help of colours, giving appropriate starting point to the success of the treatment. In our Spa & Wellness Institute we have special packages for ladies and gentlemen, which give you the feeling of being relaxed and refreshed. Face and body cosmetics, thalasso-therapy, alternative massage-therapy from the Far East, aroma-therapy, special cosmetical body treatments help you the find the way to the harmony of your body, soul and mind. Cycling written all in capitals in our hotel you cannot only hire bicycles – we will amply provide you with itineraries, maps, we organise cycling tours and there is even a bicycle repair workshop. Ours is a children friendly hotel, especially in summer, there is a play room, a playground, a family adventure bath to help the young ones have a good time and qualified childminders to help the parents as well! Leave behind the busy city-life, surprise yourself with a relaxation and active-holiday! With us, you will find the atmosphere and peace you are looking for! Hotel Directions Hévíz lies from 7 km from Keszthely. The city is located 180 km far from Budapest.

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Felkeltettük az érdeklődését? Látogasson el Ön is hozzánk! Címünk: 8380, Hévíz Jókai Mór utca 3. Telefonszámunk: +36 83 501-100
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Sétáló utca | Hévíz 0,1 km Pedestrian zone The entire length of Rákóczi Street is a pedestrian zone. This street connects Széchenyi Street (which is the main street) with Dr. Schulhof Vilmos Promenade. Artmozi 0,1 km ArtCinema The Motion Picture Theatre has a projection room for 104 people, which was renovated in 2005. Művészeti kiállítások | 0,1 km Art exhibitions On top of the exhibitions Heviz has art groups working in the town. Büfé Sor 0,2 km Cafeterias The buildings located next to the main car park in Széchenyi Street are called „the row of cafeterias”. Véderdő Park 0,3 km Protection forest, park Guests wishing to go for a walk may choose from several walking routes departing from Deák Square. Szentlélek Római Katolikus templom 0,4 km Holy Spirit Catholic Church The church was built based on the plans of Janos Bocskai architect. dr. Schulhof Vilmos sétány 0,4 km Dr. Schulhof Vilmos promenade The Promenade is part of the park, located around the thermal lake. Városháza 0,4 km City-hall The building is one of the important eyemarks of Heviz it has been built in 1950, and in 1997 the renovation was started behind the former town-hall. Szobrok, szoborpark, pantheon 0,4 km Statues, statue park, pantheon Heviz is well-known not only for its Spa-Lake and its curative mud, but also for having a statue or a monument at everywhere in the town. Református templom 1,0 km Calvinist church The church is used both by the Calvinist and the Lutheran denominations for servicing and meetings. Indeed only the minority of the population of the town is Calvinist or evangelical, but every year there are thousands of visitors belonging to these churches arrive here from Hungary and from abroad. Jézus szíve templom 1,3 km Heart of Jesus church The Hearth of Jesus church was built based on the plans of Janos Bocskai architect. Halott Római Katona 1,5 km Tomb of the Roman soldier It has been discovered in 1925 when doing earthworks and it was fully intact. Egregyi Borospincék 1,6 km Egregy wine cellars From downtown you can access the wine cellars in 25 minutes on foot. Árpádkori Templom 2,0 km Church from the Arpadian age The exact date of the construction of the church is unknown; presumably it was built in the middle of the 13th century. Történelmi Villák 2,9 km Historical cottages The city of Heviz has several buildings evocating the architectural style of former ages. 5465,2 km Museum of Egregy (hu) A 2015. októbere óta működő, Egregyen újonnan létesített múzeumban látható állandó tárlat leletei széles időintervallumot ölelnek fel: a kiállítás Krisztus előtt 6 ezertől indul s a középkorral zárul.