<div><h3>Gyenesdiás</h3><p><strong>The Big Meadow</strong> - The Keszthely-hills offer excellent outdoor adventures for hikers while the Big Meadow is a remarkable place for planning pleasant family picnics or doing some exercise on our 16 station-long gymnastics track…</p></div> <div><h3>Gyenesdiás</h3><p><strong>Constantly available programs</strong> - We have many set programs to offer from early spring to late autumn, from which you can choose whatever you prefer: pottery making, shooting, visiting an animal farm...</p></div> <div><h3>Gyenesdiás</h3><p><strong>Spielstrand in Diás</strong> - We await our young as well as our senior guests on both of our family friendly beaches with various activities and entertainment programs.</p></div> <div><h3>Gyenesdiás</h3><p><strong>Events</strong> - Gyenesdiás has got many traditional events month by month, like gastronomic festivals, folklore programs, sport championships, cultural- and family-programs – those interested are welcome to search for further details</p></div>



Vadlánlik je zriedkavý prírodný útvar / malá jaskyňa / vo velkosti jednej väčšej izby, ktorú neskôr umelo zväčšili.

Pôvodne bola vytvorená veternou eróziou.

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