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Gránit Gyógyfürdő - A nyugodt kikapcsolódás és izgalmas fürdőzés élménye

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Hunting: Those who are attracted by the hunting of the Galambok and Lake Little Balaton Hunting inquire about the company, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, hunt, small game hunting opportunity-seeking.

For the past decades, Zalakaros has won a deserved place among Hungary’s bath towns.
The small town of county Zala, famous for its thermal water and spa all in Europe dates back to a history of more than 750 years. The settlement having 2000 inhabitants is situated 20 km away from the Balaton in a straight line, near the Kis-Balaton, which is a nature conservation area and the Balaton Uplands Nation Park.

Zalakaros “Hungary’s most flowered town!”

The small town with a pleasant atmosphere is surrounded by vineyards and fruit-gardens, and the neighbouring forests provide the town’s fresh air, favourably influencing its beneficial climate. With its well-kept parks and green zones, the bath town provides an intimate, quiet atmosphere. From the beginning of spring to the end of autumn, colourful flowers decorate the settlement, for which in 2002 the town was deservedly awarded with title of „Hungary’s most flowered town” and in 2002 with the title of „Europe’s flowered town”. Zalakaros was given town rank in 1997.

Those who had ready been to Zalakaros and now return, will be surprised at the number of changes and developments: new streets, ordered lines of houses, sophisticated hotels and catering establishment have been built. The street of the town are decorated with statues and monuments at every turn, indicating the main events of the town’s life and history, such as the monuments of its 750 years’ anniversary or the Europe Park.

You can take pleasant walks among the plant specialities of the arboretum situated in the centre of the town or in the well-kept promenades. Children are welcomed to the nicely-designed playgrounds, where they can have a great time with their parents.

Relaxation in Zalakaros

The active life “fans” won’t be bored if they’re planning to spend their holiday in Zalakaros. The city’s location, the environment is suitable for active recreational activities. The air, sun, water and the movement of a growing number of young people and families are inviting the guests to Zalakaros. The spa and the adventure spa besides the active and sports lovers of nature worship in the forest park walks, hiking in the Pannonhát Landscape Park, Small-Balaton circled cycling, the National Park’s protected bird, the Buffalo livelier provide recreation opportunities./p>

Walker hiking, town tours in Zalakaros:

  1. Walking in the forest park in Zalakaros: 4150 feet, which affects the Look-out tower, and the so-called sledge. “Hundreds of stairs.”
  2. National Blue Tour itinerary: direction Galambok and Zalaújlak
  3. National Green Tour itinerary: direction Zalamerenye
  4. „Mug-hill” itinerary: 5500-meter-long stroll through the city in the hill-vineyard, cellars, bell-tapping feet.
  5. „Look-out circle”: 5150-meter-long stroll through the city of shops, restaurants, wine cellars and tower via
  6. “Round Top Mountain”: 5850-meter-long coverage of the city, confectionery, restaurants, lookout via a wonderful panoramic view of the surroundings.
  7. Walking and Nordic walking tours of the surrounding hills and the organization of Zalakaros, Contact Sándor Lőrincz: +36 30 246 5190, www.pannonturak.extra.hu, email: pannonturak@freemail.hu

Bicycle routes:

  1. Around Lake Little Balaton – 37 km: Zalakaros – Zalakomár – Buffalo livelier – Balatonmagyaród – Kányavár Island – Zalavár – Zalaszabar – Nagyrada – Garabonc – Zalakaros
  2. Toward Nagykanizsa: Zalakaros – Galambok – Nagyrécse – Nagykanizsa – Gelse-Kilimán – Orosztony – Zalaszabar – Nagyrada – Garabonc – Zalakaros
  3. Toward Somogy hills: Zalakaros – Galambok – Zalaszentjakab – Miháld – Pat – Inke – Iharosberény –Nagykanizsa – Nagyrécse – Galambok – Zalakaros (Bicycle tour organization: +36 30 219 1699, www.biketour-hungary.com)

Sport opportunitiesin Zalakaros:

  1. In the city, in the field of Sport (Thermal str. 1), rental of sports grounds are interested.
    • 4 outdoor tennis courts
    • 1 football field
    • 1 football training ground
    • 2 asphalt handball courts
    • 1 asphalt basketball court
    • 1 athletics track
  2. The Elementary School gym (Liget str. 28, Tel: + 36 93/340-367) can also be rented for tennis, football, handball and basketball courts
  3. The winter sports enthusiasts to the waiting sled at the end of Park Street
  4. Bowling opportunities (Betyár csárda – Jegenye sor 1.; Tel: +36 93/540-105)
  5. Fitness and bodybuilding club – Hajló köz 2.; Tel: +36 30/9949-540
  6. Hot-air ballooning: Log on local travel agencies.
  7. Horse riding: Behiákpuszta, tel. +36 30/337-4135: horse riding for beginners, advanced riding, riding in a beautiful environment, carriage driving, mountain programs, trips, an annual show jumping competition
  8. Fishing: Zalamerenye fishing lake: angling tickets to the Zalamerenye fishing club. Miháld: throughout the year, tickets are in the store (Dózsa Gy. str. 16). Galambok: fishing at May the 1st to Nov. 30, tickets are at the lake and angling guard. Lake Little Balaton: throughout the year, (fishable areas: Garabonc – Garabonc – Babos Island – Hévízi Trench – Kányavár Island – Zalavár) Tickets: South part: Nagyrada angling, Nagyrada, Petőfi str. 22. Kányavári Island: angling guard house. North part: Zalavár – Korona Borozó (Dózsa str. 60.). Zalaapáti – Josef angling shop (Jókai str. 82.) Sármellék – Kis-Kuckó trading (Dózsa str. 318/2)
  9. Hunting: Those who are attracted by the hunting of the Galambok and Lake Little Balaton Hunting inquire about the company, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, hunt, small game hunting opportunity-seeking.