Kitaibel Pál Lookout

Kitaibel Pál Lookout

Special Information

The decaying Kitaibel Pál Lookout was rebuilt in 2002 by the Balaton Uplands National Park with the contribution of the Local Government of Vonyarcvashegy.

From the centre of Vonyarcvashegy the green triangle trail leads to the Iron Hill (Vashegy) where the renovated Kitaibel Lookout stands.

The KITAIBEL Pál Lookout is one of the resting points of the new tourist trail that connects the Keszthely Mountain’s lookouts providing unforgettable experience for the lovers of hiking..

Hikers here shall overcome a trail that can be even 17 kilometres long and the difference in level more than 700 metres. This tourist trail begins at the Festetics Lookout next to the Nagymező (Big Meadow) of Gyenesdiás, it touches the Berzsenyi Lookout, then You can reach the Kitaibel Pál Lookout through the Cseri Gate.

Pictures from the Kitaibel Pál Lookout