Cross of Light and Way of the Cross

Cross of Light and Way of the Cross

The Cross of Light and the Way of the Cross (both located on the small Golgotha of our settlement) were blessed by canon-deacon and parish priest of Pápa, Ferenc Salgó on July 18, 2010. Due to hard work a dream came true: we owe this new „treasure” of Vonyarcvashegy to the noble-hearted Zoltán Nagy and his family: they worked hard for long months to erect a Cross of Light to the glory of the Lord. The Way of the Cross leading towards the Cross consists of 15 stations: rocks bear the particularly beautiful art works of András Simon graphic artist. We are most grateful for his work, also on behalf of our community.

This custom of erecting Crosses of Light (nowadays known throughout the world) started off from Grenoble, on the festival of the Blessed Virgin. In Hungary the first Cross of Light was erected in Debrecen.



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