Taste Gyenesdiás

Culinary treats in Gyenesdiás, at the Lake Balatonördögfalatok_piroska_cr

Taste delicious Hungarian dishes, fruity wines in Gyenesdiás’s restaurants during the culinary tour.

Details coming soon.

See the programs on the last occasion, for your information:

Participating restaurants in 2018: Piroska csárda, Sportház, Szent Ilona csárda, Torony csárda

From 7 pm the pleasant day ended at The Darnay. Cellar, events barn and picnic garden: local wines and snacks.

Ticket prices in 2018:
Ticket valid in 2 restaurants where you can taste the menu with the offered drinks costs till 19th September 4.500 Ft, on 20-21st September 5.500 Ft (for kids under 14: 3.500 Ft and 4.500 Ft)
Ticket valid in 1 restaurant where you can taste the menu with the offered drinks can be bought till 19th September costs 2.900 Ft (for kids under 14: 1.900 Ft)
With the ticket, a glass of wine and snack will be served in the pleasant Darnay Cellar in the evening.

More information and tickets:
Tourinform Gyenesdiás
Gyenesdiás, Hunyadi u. 2.
Tel: +36 83/511-790