Balaton waterside and the insular bath

Balaton part és Szigetfürdő Keszthely

Further Information

In the last 2-3 years, the urban beach has been restored beautifully. Not only is the island bath received a new coat, the Balaton shaped pool was also completed. The water of the pool is heated, so in case of cool weather it also attracts the guests. Legendary is the „Pavilion line“ around the beach. The nickname for the rows of food stalls and bars is „pavcsi” – as it is called by the locals. You can buy almost everything here, that belongs to the summer and the Balaton: Lángos, pancakes, sausage, fish, Indonesian giftware and jewelry, swimsuit, clothes, beach towels and much more … End of the eighty’s there was even a bookshop, but there is no longer.

The history of the Island bath

The first bath house on the lake and the inn was completed 1846, when the steamer “Kisfaludy” chugged in the Keszthely bay for the first time on schedule.

The island bath was „managed“ since 1869 by the Balaton Island Bath Inc. The administration – and also the Helikon Park – was taken over by the city in 1890. The family Festetics contributed 300, – Ft per year to the cost of the park.

In the bay there were two island baths, with altogether 140 changing cubicles. Only the one island is left and has been carefully renovated – instead of the old concrete floor of the entrance you can admire the original shape.

Pictures from Balaton waterside and the insular bath