Vidor Toymuseum Keszthely

Vidor Játékmúzeum Keszthely

General informations:


8360 Keszthely, Kossuth Lajos str. 10.


+36 83 318-855

Toys are indispensible in all period of life and in the process of becoming a human being. Toys can be divided into different TYPES and GROUPS but after all we can set up FOUR main categories: toys in connection with tools, motion, choosing a partner and mental or intellectual ones. Our traditions, for example: folk games will not become old-fashioned and children can play them at any period and under any circumstances because their function on the one hand is to entertain children and on the other hand children will become skilful, clever and have fun. The function of playing is very versatile. The Toy Museum with its objects does not intend to bring back a dusty, old-fashioned world but we would like to rescue those elements, which meet general demands, what we still need nowadays, namely: the experience of having fun together. My passion is to collect the interesting and valuable pieces of our past and this hobby has been completed by being able to exhibit them, so this way our past and history can arouse nostalgia.