Radio and TV Museum

Radio and TV Museum

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Keszthely, Kossuth Street 1. and Georgikon Street 2. at the corner




June – August:

Monday – Sonday: 10:00-17:00

Admission fee:

Student/ Retired: 300 Ft Adult: 500 Ft

There were even times with no satellite broadcasting and one had to miss all the 568 channels and the endless  talk-shows on the TV-set.
Witnesses this beautiful era are on exhibition in this museum. Even the building is steeped in history: it was built in 1820 as a granary. It is easy to find, the house stands on the corner of the pedestrian zone and the Georgikon Street, near the castle.
The exhibition includes about 600 objects, many of them manufactured in Hungary.
70 television sets, 450 radios, 30 tape recorders, turntables and Gramophone are to be seen – most of them are functional. You have 50 years to visit this exhibition – the City of Keszthely have rented the building for this period.
But who knows, in 50 years we may will discover our MP4 players and iPod’s also among the exhibited items.

Pictures from the Museum


Keszthely, Georgikon utca 2.