The memorial room of Júlia Szendrey

The memorial room of Júlia Szendrey

General information:

The memorial room is open during the summer months on Fridays, between 9.00-11.00 Clock.
Otherwise, an advance notification is required via e-mail:, or at phone number 531-7744 20.6.

The Muse of the greatest poet of Hungary, Sándor Petőfi, for which he wrote the most beautiful love poems, was born on 29th of December 1829. She had one sister and one brother. Her father, Ignac Szendrey was caretakeron the estate of Festetics. They lived 1-2 years in Keszthely, then Szendrey was relocated. The family followed him.

The memorial room in her birthplace was installed in cooperation with the Petőfi Literary Museum and the association “Women for the Balaton” of the Pannon University Georgikon faculty and the autonomy of the city of Keszthely. The building was formerly a servants’ house of the estate. The family Szendrey may have lived in the nearby family villa. In the memorial room are relics of Julia Szendrey, original books, a copy of her portraits and pictures of her son, Zoltán. Also her Andersen translations are exhibited here.

This exhibition offers a glimpse into the works of the writer.

Further Information

Few know of Júlia Szendrey that she wrote diary, essays and short proses, translated works of George Sand. She was the first who translated the tales of H.C. Andersen into Hungarian – to this day still in enjoyable style. Zoltán, her son was born in Debrecen, on 15th of December 1848. He died before his age of 22 years.

Pictures from the memorial room of Júlia Szendrey