The Reformed Church

The Reformed Church

Further Information
The church bell was was named “galley slave”. And the story about this: the donator is a direct descendant of István Komáromi Sully, a priest of Ács. He was cited in 1674 along with other Protestant ministers before the vehmic court in Bratislava and was sentenced to “death and confiscation of property”. After a year in prison, they were driven to Naples, and sold as a galley slave. In 1676 they were freed with the help of the dutch Admiral Michael de Ruyter.

Sunday 10 a.m.

The Reformed Church in Keszthely was inaugurated in 1932. Ornaments of the church are made of wood, the beautiful, tall and wood-covered tower with the star calls Transylvania to memory, from where most of the Reformed came after 1920 to find here a new home. The church and the parsonage was completed in nine months, entirely from donations. With a vague decision, the construction was carried out by hand, priests and elders also helped in the construction.

The bell of the church

The bell came from donations in the tower. Weight: 821 kg, Crown: 199 kg, Hammer: 41 kg, Sound: “F”. One side of the relief displays the liberating dutch galley, including the first four verses from the song of the galley slaves. On the other side a couple is shown (Szabó Jenő Eőri and his wife, Ilona Surgoth), which has donated the bell.

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