Butterfly and exotic reptile exhibition

Butterfly and exotic reptile exhibition

General information:Address:
Keszthely 8360
Kastély street.10. Tel:+36 30/957-8049Opening time 2012:
Every day is open!
9:30 – 18:00.Admission fee 2012:
For children:
(0-4) Free!!!
(4-18) 600 Ft/pers.
For adults: 1000 Ft/pers. Discount for groups!!!

Free parking in the museum courtyard (For cars)

A kiállításon
1300 lepkefaj illetve
40 terráriumban hüllők tekinthetők meg.

Keszthely Festetics castle is the building of the region South-Balaton with outstanding cultural significance.

Next to the entrance of the castle park can be found our exhibition (Kastély street.10.) Five continents a butterfly and his insect exhibition wait for the interested ones. Furthermore Exotic Reptile exhibition charms the visitors there.

The butterfly we may take delight on an exhibition from all of the world’s corners in collected dazzling butterflies and other insects.

Single scholars estimate the number of the insect races at 3 million, there may be 30 million even according to others…for this can be attributed, that single rich in forms and a shade are at disposal of these animals. We try to give a foretaste of this, which implies real specialities, with a collection consisting of these preparations and living animals.

Reptile exhibition living inhabitants live far from us, in exotic rain forests and in deserts originally. We fetched them to show what should do they may meet giant snakes, monitor lizards, bird spiders among other things for you, so, and with other colourful lizards, cable-cars, turtle and with amphibians. Under the opening time expert an animal caretaker is at Your service, who their question turning has informations about these animals with pleasure. We present nearly 40 terrariums, beside which we provide additional interesting informations on little directing boards from the inhabitant of the given terrarium.



Kastély u. 10.