Hotel Hullam

Hotel Hullam
In Keszthely the picture of Balaton is defined not only by Island bath but by two other buildings: namely by Hullám and by Balaton Hotels as well. Like two brothers they have been standing at the shore for more hundred years watching the waving water face which become more distant since the shore has been filled in.

The Hullám Hotel is the older, it was given to the dwellers of Keszthely and holiday makers in the summer of 1894. The hotel was that much popular that in 1897 it had to be widen with two tower wings. The building preserved essentially its former design although in 1912 it was damaged in the fire and later it underwent some small renovation.

The younger one is the Balaton Hotel, it is younger only with one year and it was opened in June in 1895, precisely on 15 th June. Their fate was getting on almost the same way, although Hullám proved to be more successful. The condition of the hotel damaged so much that by the 70s of the last century it was declared life-threatening and later it was closed down. The building was to be pulled down but the joining forces of dwellers of Keszthely rescued the building and today with its former beauty is awaiting the tourists.

The Balaton Hotel became company holiday resort and the owners did not spend any money on renovation so nowadays totally neglected awaiting for new owners. The fire in 2008 damaged the roof-timbers, which did not make good for the hotel at all. In front of the Hullám Hotel the Music pavilion was standing since 1906- the original one was made of cast iron elements. This went wrong in the course of time, the present one is a more simple pavilion with wooden frames.In case of events this pavilion takes the role of a stage for the bands having performances.

Pictures from Hotel Hullam


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