Old time Town Hall

Old time Town HallThe house found 28 Walking Street is the old time Town Hall from 1887. The e old time town blazer refers to the original function. Today it is mainly visited by tourists to be given with some information, because the Tourinform office is found here and at the same time it is the home of Goldmark Károly Cultural Centre. In the staircase names of famous citizens of Keszthely written on Panteon marble table can be read.


If we are talking about the Town Hall, it is worth mentioning the blazer of Keszthely which belongs to the rank of unusual blazers with golden, Baroque style curbing.Its motives refer to Festetics family. From the family blazer –commemorating to the battles of castles- a lion and a crane were taken. The lion symbolises the courage, the crane –more precisely the watch crane- holding stone with its leg symbolises alertness. If it falls asleep, it is awaken by the dropping of the fallen stone (that is all about alertness). The sailing boat found on the top side of the blazer may refer to Phoenix galleon, the first ship of Balaton, but this fact is debated by researchers. It is debated because of the fact that the blazer had already been used with 15 years before the building of the galleon. Even it is not for the assumption that the Phoenix galleon was with two masts. According to the assumptions the sailing boat symbolises the Kristóf galleon. The 5 pentangle crown on which the lion and the crane stand opposite to each other refers to the noble ancestry..

Pictures from the Old time Town Hall