Dongó House

Dongó House

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Keszthelyi Népművészeti Alkotóház Keszthely, Sopron u. 7

The Dongó House is found at the boarder of Keszthely and Little Keszthely in Sopron street opposite to the building of old NHS . This dwelling house built in Baroque style has been existing since 18th century. Its name was given a man called Dongó who had a tobacco shop here for long time after the World War II.

The condition of the building started to decline when 30 years ago the that- time Monument Inspectorate decided to spend some money on it to preserve it for the future.. This proposal was not successful for a long period, finally it became the ownership of Handscrafe Association of Zala County and they renovated it by 2000.

In summers the house is occupied by fullers, wood-carvers, potters, weavers, coopers, lace-makers, basket weaver, egg painters, engravers and husks-doll makers. Anybody who is interested in these crafts is warmly welcome. Those who wish to try one of the professions the possibility is given and the products are to buy. It is worth following the programs, summer programs are offered mainly for children.

Pictures from the Dongó house