Experience farm

Experiences in the Manor

Behind the museum there is a1,2 hectarearea where an experience farm was developed. We can get impressions about former farming; we can see old grape and fruit species as well as plants of field and garden. Aromatic herbs can be observed, too. In the barton we can see indigenous live stocks; there are sheepcote, stable, fowl-yards and pigeonhole. It is possible to feed and strike the animals or prepare their forage. Honey house, coach house, basket making and drying place as well a glasshouse were also built up. To have an idea what the peasant children with, there is a ground with playing barn, plant labyrinth, small carts and barrows. It can give a pleasure time to children and adults as well. If we are tired we can have a break in a nice resting place.

To the offer of the experience farm belong several unique programs and events that try to keep preserve our heritage.

With West-Balaton Card the experience farm can visited for free!