Prevention, medical wellness

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Interesting facts

Medical wellness was created by crossing physician trade and health tourism. It amalgamates medical supervision by a physician and relaxation, recharging and embellishment from wellness.


By the proliferation of healthy living the role of health prevention has been significantly increased. Prevention is better than cure. In our hectic world people are striving to preserve their mobility, health and ability to work. A treatment in Hévíz is an ideal solution for this.

Types of prevention:

  • primary (primary prevention): don’t get ill; physical exercise-sports, vaccination, giving up any harmful habits, nourishment, sauna
  • secondary (secondary prevention): healing, prevention of complications
  • tertiary prevention: rehabilitation, when an illness has already developed and irreversible deficiency has been caused and this is corrected so that patient does not suffer from integration issues.

The aim

The aimis to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to decrease the chances of developing illnesses. After a medical status check, guests receive treatments and lifestyle advice tailored to their condition, which can be used in everyday life after the end of the treatment (e.g. diet, therapeutic exercise).

Medical wellness

Medical wellness means a treatment carried out under the supervision and with the help of physicians, which focuses on the human being. It is different from traditional healing, as it contains preventive treatments tailored to the individual. It is focusing on stress release and elimination, and it is aimed at the establishment of a harmonic lifestyle, which can be followed in our everyday life. At the beginning of your „wellness-holiday” it is important to start with the health status of the body, which can be carried out by using various examination methods. Medical wellness is more and more widespread all over Europe and these treatments are also financed by the health insurance funds.