Underwater jet massage/Tangentor

Underwater jet massage/Tangentor

General information Medical massage types:

  • Classic medical massages
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Underwater jet massage
  • Foot reflex zone massage

Available at: Hévíz Thermal Bath non-profit Ltd. Thermal hotels

Interesting facts Underwater jet massage due to the joint power of heat therapy and traditional massage provides the body with exceptional healing energy. Underwater jet massage is a three dimension massage treatment as the therapy takes place in a tub.

During the underwater jet massage patient is laid in a medical tub filled with Hévíz healing water, where the temperature of the special tub’s healing water and the mechanic impact of the water jet are jointly applied for the massage therapy. Besides the water jet massage impact also the positive effects of the healing water are enjoyed by patient. The therapy is for individual guests only, and it is tailored according to the complaints of the patient. The therapy is also called “tangentor”, which is a therapeutic treatment based on balneotherapy, hydrotherapy and the mechanic impact of the water jet. The treatment is carried out in a special tub, by using a water jet with adjustable jet power, which can target various parts of the body. The water with a temperature of 34-36oC is supplied from a pipe and it is targeted manually to various parts of the body. The massage stimulates the blood and lymph circulation and by this also stimulates the metabolism, furthermore contributes to the detoxification of the body. Due to the impact on the lymph system it also boosts the immune system. The therapy releases stress and relaxes the muscles. The vibration of the water penetrates the connective tissue, thus helps the renewal of the skin and restoring its plasticity. It has also got an alleviative effect. The massage therapy duration is about 10 minutes Therapeutic application is recommended.


  • release muscular tension,
  • locomotor disorders,
  • after injuries and operations,
  • rheological disorders,
  • nervous system disorders.

The therapy is very gentle; therefore there are no other counter-indications besides the counter-indications of staying in the thermal water.